What Is Skiing?

What is skiing? Skiing is an extremely popular sport that is enjoyed worldwide by groups ranging from novice children to Olympic skiers. Participants strap skis, or long boards with curved tips, to each booted foot and use them, along with ski poles, to glide down snow-covered mountains. Skiers almost always ski at resorts on designated paths, and you should never veer from these paths, as doing so is very unsafe.

Ski resorts can be found in many both mountainous and snowy regions. In America, both the Lake Tahoe region and Aspen, Colorado, are renowned for their excellent resorts, beautiful views and generally pleasant atmosphere. At ski resorts people can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and shopping, and resorts also have equipment rentals, though many times you can find cheaper rentals at local shops.

Skis are the most important part of skiing, because without them you cannot participate in the sport at all. When you first start out, you will need to go to a ski shop, where you can get measured to obtain the best skis for your height, weight and level of skill. If you do not get the proper equipment, you may have a more difficult time skiing.

Ski poles are basically two long poles with grips that are made especially for skiers. They are very important because they give you more control and make it easier to stop. You should also rent these at a ski shop, where you can have them measured for your body.

You should wear proper safety gear, such as a helmet, while skiing, as the sport is inherently dangerous. Also, unless you are skiing on a very warm day, you will need special skiing boots, bindings, waterproof gloves, long underwear, waterproof pants (preferably with suspenders) and a warm, waterproof jacket. You will also need tinted goggles to keep the snow and sun out of your eyes. If you have any bare skin showing, be sure to cover it with sunscreen, and wear lip balm to cover your lips.

If you will not be taking many breaks, bring along food and water to stay energized and hydrated. Also, if you are skiing for the first time, work out before you go on your trip to make sure that you are in good shape, and take lessons when you do get to the resort. When you are skiing, be sure to always ski with a friend, follow the rules of the resort, and never over-exert yourself.

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