What Stores Sell Rocawear In Los Angeles?

Are you trying to find what stores sell Rocawear in Los Angeles? Since 1999 Rocawear clothing line made a name for itself and is sold everywhere in nationwide chain stores across the United States as it prices ranges from expensive to discount prices. Look no further because in this article, it will explain what stores to shop and locate Rocawear clothing in the big metropolitan city.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory. To know what stores sell Rocawear in Los Angeles, visit any major or known retailer that carries different kinds of brand name clothing. Burlington Coat factory has a variety of selection of cool Rocawear apparel from shorts, jeans to T-Shirts at a very reasonable price, compared to Macys. Burlington Coat Factory: Imperial Highway, Los Angeles, CA, (310) 973-7159.
  2. Macys.  This department store is rather expensive, but they carry all the Rocawear clothing in stock. Watch out for clearance sales as most of the clothing is marked down to great prices. Macys: 750 West 7th, Los Angeles, CA, (213) 628-9311.
  3. Hurricane Men's Shop. Hip hop clothing store that sells name brand apparel, including Rocawear jeans and T-Shirts. Great selection of clothing however, they do not sell clothes at discount prices. Hurricane Men's Shop: 6650 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (323) 465- 8283.
  4. Marshalls. Great deals at low prices, and the best part of it, they sell named brand clothing at half the price compared to stores that are more expensive. Rocawear clothing is available at Marshalls, bit it can be a hit or miss with clothing sizes. Overall, it is a good store to shop for Rocawear deals. MArshalls: 11270 Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA (310) 312-1266.
  5. Jean Machine. This is little shop in Los Angeles sells mostly hip-hop clothes at decent prices. Great store for those who live around the area who does not have to travel far to a department store for Rocawear clothes. Jean Machine: 6718 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (323) 462-8465.

Note: The main website for Rocawear has a store locator at the bottom of their page; narrow the search down to the state of California, or the zip code in your area to find out if stores sell Rocawear in Los Angeles. Another option is to call stores you are not sure carry Rocawear apparel to avoid wasting time and unnecessary trips to the store.

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