What Is A Suede Eraser?

So what is a suede eraser? A suede eraser is used to remove stains from suede. It is shaped like a pencil eraser and is made from art gum. Suede has many purposes. As well as being used for clothing-jackets and shoes-, suede is also used for furniture and bags. This material, like any other, becomes soiled and needs to be cleaned. But how do you clean material such as suede?

  1. Suede is delicate. When cleaning suede, you must use products specifically made for that purpose. Suede is actually a type of leather but cannot be cleaned as a leather type of material. Extra caution and knowledge of this material is needed.
  2. Alternatives have been used in cleaning this material. Vinegar and water is one option when cleaning suede. This should only be used sparingly. A small spot should first be tested to make sure you do not ruin the fabric. There have been incidences where this solution has caused some damage.
  3. Suede erasers are quite effective in cleaning. These products are shaped like erasers-very similar to the ones on pencils. This is a great way to remove small stains which have already dried on the suede. As you rub the eraser against the surface of the material, particles of the stain crumble and fall off the material.
There are other methods of stain removal on suede. But the suede eraser is a wonderful method of removing stains when dry. This prevents tearing or smudging of the material. Always remember when using a suede eraser to clean; this product can only be used on surfaces which are in good condition. Following all cautions with this method of cleaning can produce the best results.
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