What Is Superficial Dyspareunia?

The answer to what is superficial dyspareunia is that it is a medical condition that affects women and causes painful vaginal intercourse. There are a number of reasons that a woman my develop superficial dyspareunia. Although painful, the effect of superficial dyspareunia is not critical, nor is it irreversible. Learn the signs and symptoms of superficial dyspareunia so you help your partner with her symptoms. 

  1. Superficial dyspareunia may be caused by a vaginal infections. The vagina is amazingly strong, but also very delicate. It is prone to many infections. Vaginal infections often cause foul smelling discharges. If your partner is suffering from superficial dyspareunia, she should see a doctor to identify if she has a vaginal infection. 
  2. The cause of superficial dysparenunia, might be the woman's age. As a woman ages, the lining of her vagina begins to thin out. If your partner is having problems with painful sex, maybe the solution is that she should begin to take estrogen. She should visit a doctor for a checkup to determine if this is an option for helping her superficial dyspareunia.
  3. Learning about superficial dysparenunia is important for both women and the men who love them. This is very important because the number one reason for superficial dyspareunia is an ignorant partner. Women need time to get lubed up down there. If sex is rushed, without the woman being fully prepared, she will risk painful sex. Always make sure the woman is ready, before entering her vagina, either with your penis or manually.
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