What Is Tantric Massage?

From services offered by holistic centers to ads listed in the newspaper adult section, the term tantric massage seems to be spreading everywhere, but what is tantric massage? Most of us have heard a little about Tantra, and since Tantra relates to sex we may not be sure if this type of massage is a sexual service, a sort of new age discipline, or just therapeutic. After reading this article, you’ll learn what tantric massage is. 

  1. Tantra. As said before, tantric massage has to do with Tantra. Ancient Indian scholars believed that spiritual transcendence could be achieved through sex and developed a philosophy based on this theory.
  2. NeoTantra. Guru Osho tried to introduce Tantra to Western minds. His version of Tantra includes breathing techniques, bio-energy, yoga, and massage. Neotantric practitioners state that the purpose of Tantra is to awaken the Kundalini snake (energy associated with sexual desire) and to move it from the base chakra to an upper chakra. When this is attained, ordinary orgasm is difficult to achieve because sexual energy is no longer in your genitals. On the other hand, a Tantric orgasm can be achieved, which is said to be more expanded and completely different from a regular one. A Tantric orgasm doesn’t result in ejaculation so no energy is released; on the contrary, energy ascends.
  3. Tantric Massage Procedure. A Tantric massage is received naked. You’ll be trained in Tantric breathing techniques before getting yourself ready on the massage bed. Masseuses use warm oil to massage every part of the body and may even include genital massage (a Taoist Tantra massage). As mentioned before, Kundalini awakening is Tantric massage’s main purpose. You’ll be massaged on the back and front of your body. Your sensitivity will be stimulated and you will feel whole-body pleasure. This physical pleasure is then turned into energy pleasure by opening the energy flow (waking Kundalini up) with a massage on the spine. By moving this energy upwards, it will flow through all the chakras. The massage may last from one to two hours. After the session, there’s a period of resting for correct assimilation of the whole experience.
  4. Taoist Tantra Massage. Taoist Tantra massage can be categorized into Lingam massage for men and Yoni massage for women. These massages are said to help treat sexual problems such as lack of sexual drive, premature ejaculation, erection difficulties, and orgasm enhancement. Each type of massage has a different procedure and may end up in an expanded orgasm. Massage movements given are different from regular masturbation practices. A Taoist Tantra massage can last up to 30 minutes. It’s up to you to whether or not you choose this type of massage to complement the full body massage. Before the session starts, you set its boundaries. 
  5. Benefits. Tantric massage unchains sexual blockages and as a therapeutic massage can release body tension. Other benefits include healing of sexual hurt, improvement of your lovemaking skills, deepening your connection with others, and spiritual growth.
  6. Tantric Erotic Massage. Whereas some use tantric massage for spiritual growth, others use it just for a “happy ending.” You can receive this service without beating around the bush as most masseuses use Tantric massage to deliver sexual pleasure. There are Tantric programs that include sacred sex as the final stage.
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