What Is A Tasting Menu?

Since it's a fairly new concept, many people wonder about what is a tasting menu. As the name suggests, a tasting menu allows diners to try a variety of foods. Many restaurants' tasting menus offer five to nine courses, while the tasting menus at other restaurants consist of small portions of a variety of foods served on one plate.

Tasting menus gained popularity in recent years. Some restaurants specialize in nothing but tasting menus. At first glance, tasting menus may seem like a trendy way to get more customers. The reality is that tasting menus have been around since the 1970's, but have become more widely available since 2005. Depending on the variety, quality and type of foods, a tasting menu can be an inexpensive treat or cost several hundred dollars. Tasting menus have caught on around the world with restaurants in North America and Europe showcasing their finest items. Many top chefs utilize tasting menus as friendly competition while diners line up to sample the wares of their favorite television host.

Individualized according to the chef who prepares it, a tasting menu typically gives diners a full course meal, beginning with an appetizer and ending with a dessert. If you're wondering what to drink, the guess work has been done for you as most tasting menus offer pre-selected wine pairings.

Be ready to invest time when you order a tasting menu. This is not a quick option to eat and run. The wait staff pampers you as each course, paired with wine, arrives at your table. Savor the moment. Whether tasting menus are a fashionable trend or a permanent fixture, they are a delicious way to try out several foods and wines at one sitting.

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