What Type Of Girl Do Skaters Like?

What type of girls do skaters like? You can tell that pro athletes tend to dig models and actresses, and it seems politicians like interns and secretaries, but how about skaters? Looking at typical skater behavior, we can figure out exactly the type of girls skaters like.

Skaters like adventurous girls. Skaters like to go fast and do death-defying stunts 40 feet above the ground with little protection. A girl who wants to sit around and watch Oprah and knit isn’t going to have a lot in common with a skater. A girl who has a bit of a rebellious streak and isn’t afraid to try new things will fit a typical skater’s personality perfectly.

Skaters prefer girls who are different from the crowd. Skaters are definitely individualists that tend to separate themselves a bit from the “normal” crowd. So they obviously are attracted to girls that share that same quality. Although a skater may have a secret crush on the prom queen, in most cases that is just a pipe dream, and he will tend to go out with unique people who are like him.

Skaters are attracted to girls who are secure. No skater wants an insecure girl who is constantly whining for attention, or worse, one that stalks and gets jealous whenever he happens to talk to another girl at the skate park. Everybody needs a little space, and independent types such as skaters maybe need a little more.

Skaters like girls who skate. Duh! If a skater can find someone who shares a common interest, there is bound to be more communication, which is the basis of all relationships. A girl shouldn’t compete with her man or try to show him up, but some decent skateboarding skills are a plus.

Skaters prefer girls who are understanding. Skaters are picked on a lot by jocks, parents, cops, property owners, etc. They can sometimes have a really bad day. Skaters like the type of girls that will lend an ear when they need to talk, without judging them or discouraging them from doing what they love to do most—skate!

To sum up, skaters want girls who aren’t clones or competitors. They also like girls that will support them while they build up their skills to compete and obtain sponsorships. They need their space but also appreciate someone they can relate to and trust.

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