What Type Of Jewelry Do Indian Men Wear?

What types of jewelry do Indian men wear? Five thousand years ago, the men of the Indian culture began to wear jewelry. Indian women wear a great deal of jewelry, from necklaces to toe rings. But what about Indian men? Indian men do not adorn themselves as much as the women This is the case in most cultures, but Indian men do enjoy the occasional piece of gold and silver. This starts early in life and is present throughout the life of an Indian man.

In Indian culture, the youngsters begin to try new jewelry with different styles of clothing. Like many children, they like to imitate their parents until they find their own style. When playing as children, the men learn what jewelry they enjoy wearing. This carries into an Indian man's adult life, and influences his outlook on the meaning of jewelry. Some pieces of jewelry are ceremonial while others are just for dressing up.

Indian culture has a large assortment of jewelry, giving the Indian man a choice of what jewelry he wishes to wear. Depending on a man's economic standing in life, he can choose anything from gold to silver, with or without stones, and even engraved jewelry. Five thousand years ago, the jewelry men would wear would be made of materials from their surroundings. Bones, leaves, claws and flowers are still seen in the art of Indian jewelry today, but now these are mostly just designs and not the real thing.

There are some traditional forms of jewelry that Indian men wear. Necklaces are worn by many men in the Indian culture. Some wear beaded necklaces, and others prefer metallic. Earrings also are worn by men. Armlets and bracelets are seen on the wrists of many. Finger rings also dress up the male of the Indian culture. The style changes for the jewelry depending on where the man is from. The etchings, gems, beads and so much more depends on the man's status in life.

Men wear an assortment of jewelry around the world. India is one culture that cherishes its traditional jewelry. Indian jewelry can honor the gods, nature and India's culture, and jewelry makes a proud and strong statement in Indian society.


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