What Is A Vacuum Constriction Device?

What is a Vacuum Constriction Device? In short, it's an external pump that a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can use to combat the problem. Vacuum Constriction Devices can be pricey, but the fact that they are a drug-free solution is attractive to a lot of men. Read a little more about the Vacuum Constriction Device to see if it is the right erectile dysfunction option for you.

How does it work? A vacuum constriction device consists of a tube that fits over the penis and a band for constricting blood flow. The user slides the tube over his penis, then uses the pump to remove air, creating a vacuum. Some vacuum constriction devices are pumped by hand, others use batteries. The vacuum pulls blood into the penis, causing an erection. Once the penis is erect, slide the constriction ring down the shaft to keep the blood from leaving the organ. You can have sex with the band in place. In general, it's safe to keep it on for half an hour at a time.

Are there any side effects? When using a vacuum constriction device, an erection will not look the same as one achieved without the device. The skin may appear purplish, and may be numb or cold. It is also possible to get a bruise around the base of the shaft where the constriction ring sits. The wearer may not ejaculate with the same force as usual, because of the constriction, but, this shouldn't inhibit or lessen the intensity of orgasm.

Who can use a vacuum constriction device? Most men with erectile dysfuction can safely use a VCD. For instance, it is a good alternative for men who have trouble achieving erections because of diabetes, prostate issues, or depression or anxiety. However, it is not a good alternative for people who are prone to internal bleeding or who suffer from priapism.

Where do you get a vacuum constriction device? There are a number of vacuum constriction devices that can be purchased online. Prices range from around $150 to as high as $500. Hand pumped models tend to be cheaper than battery operated ones. If prescribed by a doctor, the device may be covered by insurance.

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