What Is Varicocele?

Varicocele is when the veins in the male scrotum become swollen. There is a group of veins, arteries, tubes, and nerves that carries and circulates blood from the body to the scrotum which is called the spermatic cord. The values in the veins of the spermatic cord keep the blood flowing in the right direction. When the values in these veins stop working, the blood starts flowing in reverse which cause the veins in the scrotum to swell.

There are usually no symptoms of varicocele. However, sometimes heaviness and discomfort in the testicle is a sign of varicocele. Noticeable dilated veins in the scrotum is another sign that a man might have varicocele. Since varicocele can stunt the growth of the affected testicle, a smaller testicle can also be a sign of varicocele.  

Usually, there is no special treatment needed for varicocele. However, if it causes a man to be in pain than a doctor might prescribe some anti-inflammatory medication. Some men also find that wearing tighter fitting underwear or a jock strap can relive their pain. If these methods don't relive pain than a doctor might recommend having a varicocelectomy done. This a procedure done by a urologist to remove the varicocele. Sometimes, a plastic tube can be put in the vein to make a blood flow blockage in the vein that has become enlarged.

While there is know know way to prevent varicocele, it is recommended that men have regular testicular exams. This was if varicocele is discovered a doctor can monitor it. During a testicular exam a doctor will visually check for any lumps or bumps on the testicles. The doctor also rolls the testicles around to fell for any lumps, swelling, or tenderness. The spermatic cord is then checked for any signs of swelling.



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