What Is Vicodin

If you are just getting into legal highs then you may wonder what is Vicodin? Vicodin is brand name for hydrocodone which is an opiate painkiller. Vicodin gives many their first taste of opiates which is a milder chemical form of opium. Think of heroin as whiskey and this would make Vicodin a watery, weak American beer.

The good. What good is Vicodin? Well, it provides pain relief for minor muscle or nerve pain. It is widely prescribed and most people experience some goofy feelings and end up in love with staring at their TV all night. Vicodin is an effective painkiller for most of the population.   

The bad. One nasty aspect of Vicodin is that they couple the painkilling opiates with analgesics like acetaminophen  This can cause some stomach issues and is the reason why you are encouraged to take Vicodin with food. Other side effects include constipation and labored breathing. When Vicodin is abused in larger doses or mixed with alcohol, liver damage is a concern.  

The ugly.  They say weed is a gateway drug, but Vicodin has a more powerful sway on modern society. For one thing, it is legal and sanctioned by society and law. Opiates are historically known to drag us down into addiction, and Vicodin is a readily accessible option. From sun burns to sprained ankles, you will most likely get this drug prescribed rather than the old school philosophy of just toughing it out. Some people could care less but some enjoy the painkilling sensation a little too much.

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