What To Wear With Acid Wash Jeans

Are you wondering what to wear with acid wash jeans? Black and blue acid wash jeans are fun and casual. Some acid wash jeans are uniform in shade (think heavily faded) while others have a pattern in white contrasting with the color. Try to choose shirts, etc. that are single colored or have two colors.

  1. What shirt to wear with blue acid wash jeans – A dress shirt, tee shirt, polo,  or sweater in a single color or stripe is a great way to dress up the blue acid wash jean. Any color works will with blue jeans.
  2. What shirt to wear with black acid wash jeans - Colors such as white, cream, gray and black in a dress shirt, tee shirt, polo or sweater in a single color or stripe will all work fine.
  3. What shoes to wear with acid wash jeans - A pair of boots, tennis shoes, or any casual shoe will work well with the acid wash jeans.
  4. What jacket will work with acid wash jeans – Have fun with this. A casual blazer, leather, denim(in coordinating or contrasting color) or any casual jacket will work. With black acid wash jeans try a black, white, denim, or gray colored jacket. Jacket's are optional.
  5. What accessories to wear with acid wash jeans – A watch, chain or ring will look great. With jewelry you can match your most expensive piece with jeans to give an edgy look. A black belt would be a nice finishing touch if the shirt is tucked in.



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