What To Wear With Ankle Boots

Ever wondered what to wear with ankle boots? Ankle boots are popular with both men and women. They vary widely in price and can be purchased in many department stores, shoe stores and online. For those wondering what to wear with ankle boots there are some basic rules to follow. Read on to find out more.

  1. Casual ankle boots, such as hiking boots, can be worn with jeans, casual slacks or khakis. They can also be worn with cargo shorts or jean shorts. Plain white cotton or colored socks can be worn with casual ankle boots.
  2. Dressy ankle boots can be worn with khaki pants and a sweater or button-down shirt. Fancier ankle boots can also be worn with gray or black slacks and a nice shirt or sweater. Pair dressy ankle boots with black, gray or patterned dress socks.
  3. Ankle boots don’t go with every outfit. Even dressy ankle boots will not look right with a suit on men. Generally, casual or hiking ankle boots will not go well with any kind of fancy outfit. Nylon running or athletic shorts will also not look right with any kind of ankle boots.

When wondering what to wear with ankle boots be sure to pair them with the right kind of clothes to look sharp and well put together. Ankle boots can be very comfortable if they are carefully selected. However, it's a good idea  to try them on before buying to make sure to get the right size, width and to make sure the height is comfortable for you.

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