What To Wear For An Audition

Choosing what to wear for an audition can increase your chances of getting the part. Your overall acting ability, though, is, of course, the most important of the determining factors. You can plan your wardrobe around one thing. You need to know what type of read you're going to have in order to effectively get the right clothing together to wear for your audition. If you have to perform a cold read, your wardrobe will definitely be different than if you have the time to prepare for the audition. So, what do you wear for an audition?

  1. A cold read is essentially going to an audition with little or no prior knowledge of the character you'll be reading for. You won't know the lines. You won't know the character's temperament nor will you know the scene you'll be reading from. You should be more focused on your ability to adapt and be flexible with the material you'll be presented with than what to wear for the audition. If you're having a cold read for a part, it's pretty much impossible to plan an outfit that would be a good representation of the character you're auditioning for. 
  2. Dress plain. Because of your lack of knowledge of your character, don't pound your head trying to figure out what to wear for your audition. Just wear a tee shirt and some jeans that aren't too baggy. A cold read gives the director a chance to see how you can adapt to the material in front of you. This is why you should wear something plain. Give the director a chance to brainstorm, and see what you'd look like in his or her head in certain wardrobe ideas for the character.

In the case that you received a script before hand, you have more options in what to wear for an audition. You can actually use your wardrobe as an extension of your creativity and preparation for the part.

  1. Preparation isn't just in the reading. Full character descriptions are usually given, along with the the script. You get some background on the guy you're playing. It's up to you to become that character. What you wear for an audition can be apart of your transformation. Do your best to match up your ideas of how the character would act, speak, etcetera into how they would look. Then try to put together an outfit that mirrors your ideas. This can include, and not be limited to, the clothing as well as facial hair. You can also feign some sort of physical characteristic such as a limp or a stutter.
  2. Dressing up isn't necessary. If you don't feel comfortable going through so much trouble prepping what to wear for an audition, you don't have to. Picking out the wardrobe creates an added dimension of realism for the character that you're playing. It doesn't guarantee you'll get the part anyway. It's far more important to prepare yourself through understanding the lines by not just reading them, but having multiple ways with which to perform those lines. Feel free to go in a rather plain set up if you would like. A T-shirt and jeans that show your shape should be fine.
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