What To Wear To A Banquet

Figuring out what to wear to a banquet is a basic decision. Banquets are formal or informal. What you decide to wear depends largely upon what the theme of the function is. There is always a banquet somewhere especially during the holiday season. Conglomerates hold banquets for clients and company functions with regularity. A member of a large organization will attend many banquets and the attire must fit the occasion.

You may need to wear the following to a banquet:

  • Black cocktail dress
  • Nice suit and tie
  • Good casual jacket
  • Black tie attire
  • Business suit


  1. Wedding Banquets. Color and style are preset, short dressy attire is fine. The bride generally has a theme and expects all of her invites to wear the colors she has chosen for the affair. But basically dress nicely, a wedding is a very special time. Don’t use hideous colors, be conservative; it’s the bride day.
  2. Holiday Banquet. Gaiety is the occasion, dress in your most treasured attire. The formal or semi formal works here. Put on the Ritz and have a wonderful time. Christmas, New Years, or a Costume Ball, it does not matter.
  3. Awards Banquet. Business attire is fine or a snappy dress. Nothing too revealing. A man’s wardrobe is fairly standard.
  4. Business Banquet. Dress codes are the same as the Awards Banquet but cut any glitz and stay with suits or nice sports jackets. If the banquet happens to be a lunch deal a shirt no tie and no jacket will work. But even this depends upon where you see yourself in the chain of command.
  5. Reunion Banquet. If the dinner is formal, black tie applies but if it is a barbecue deal, put jeans and high heel sneakers on. Be relaxed but put on a little glitz.
  6. Church Banquet. Dress as if you are at church, no reason to be the topic of conversation for the rest of your remaining Sundays.
  7. Retirement Banquet. If it is in the evening dress nicely with a little snap but day time sticks to business attire.
  8. Rehearsal Dinner. Casual is good here. The atmosphere will be relaxed but nice and a bit personal. Be casual, not uncaring.
  9. Anniversary Banquet. Dress your best, more than likely an RSVP will be sent. If you are asked to dress black tie, please do so. If not dress in your best Sunday outfit. Especially if the couple has been married a very long time.
  10. Birthday Banquet. Dress nicely. A jacket and nice dress or pants suit will be fine. Consider where the dinner is going to be held, and what time.

Banquets are given and people are invited. Dress codes are still important but as long as the best effort is presented by every one invited, this is really all that is important.

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