What To Wear To A Baptism

Wondering what to wear to a baptism? When attending a baptism, finding the appropriate outfit can be difficult to do. Similar to a wedding, your wardrobe show off your importance at a baptism. What you wear to a baptism, tells everyone who you in relationship to the person being baptized.

  1. Parents. If it is your child completing the Christian ritual, than you should dress as for the day. At this time of his or her life, it is a very significant day. You do not have to go fancy, but you should look respectable. Fathers should wear a suit and tie, while mothers should wear a lovely dress the is cheerful.
  2. God Parents. Part of getting baptized is introducing the god parents. This is an momentous day for anyone, because it is an honor to be asked to raise someone else children. It is the duty of the god parents to stand by the parents side in a baptism, and agree to take care of the child in the event something should befall his or her parents. Since it is an important duty, god parents should dress nicely. Females should wear a lovely dress, and males should wear a suit and tie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  3. Friends and Family. It is an honor for your friend or family member to want to share an important moment as their child baptism with you. You in turn, should respect them by dressing nicely. Friends should wear a pair of nice pair of dress pants. Males should wear button down shirts; however, you do not have to wear a tie. Females should wear a lovely blouse.



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