What To Wear To A Bar

Figuring out what to wear to a bar should just come naturally, and not a whole lot of guess work needs to go into it.  However not everyone goes out to bars on a regular, and for some, it may very well be your first time out to a bar, so naturally you wonder, what to wear to a bar.

  1. You want to own the show, male or female. Dress to impress.
  2. For men, less is more, especially up top. A simple wife beater tee in white or black will always attract the ladies. If you have a nice body, that is all the more reason to wear a shirt that shows off your upper arms and chest.
  3. Shorts are not very flattering on men at bars. Women though, can get away with shorts, long shorts, short, shorts, it really does not matter. Skin will always be in.
  4. Cleavage popping tops for women are also a top look at bars. If you are looking to pick up guys, go ahead and show off the girls a little. You can rock it without looking slutty, just so you know.
  5. If you are at a beach bar you can sport the same attire you would wear at a beach. Women however should skip on wearing straight up bikinis. If you want to rock the bikini top that is fine, but cover up your rear end. Even if you have a nice bum, other jealous onlookers will try to make trouble with you, which is just ridiculous, but it's best to cover up some of yourself just to stay on the safe side.
  6. At night you can wear regular jeans. Men will want to wear a nice relaxed fitting pair of jeans, while women can wear tighter ones. Men in tight jeans does not work, so do not even try to sport it. It may be trendy, but if you are looking to attract the ladies, tight jeans will not help you.
  7. Whatever it is you choose to wear, just make sure you are comfortable, as that is all that really matters.
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