What To Wear To A Beach Wedding In Mexico

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding in Mexico

Knowing what to wear to a beach wedding in Mexico might not always be apparent. A function at the beach is usually casual, but a wedding is almost always formal. A beach wedding usually combines the two, but how can that be done tastefully? Think of beach wedding attire as “comfortably dressy.” Check the invitation to see if attire guidelines are provided.

  1. Semi Formal Day / Casual Evening Beach Wedding. Linen Pants and linen shirt will keep you cool and comfortable. Choose light tan or white linen drawstring pants and pair it with a button down linen shirt that has a pattern with the same color as the pants. Think of the shirt like a low-key Hawaiian shirt. Do not tuck the shirt into the pants. Pair the outfit with some nice brown, closed toe sandals and a nut lei for a complete look. Bring along a sports jacket for cooler evening breezes.
  2. Casual Daytime Beach Wedding. Khaki shorts and a floral or striped shirt are perfect for a daytime beach wedding. Make sure the shirt is not too bright and bold. A subtle pattern is more classic and appropriate for a wedding. To go with the beach theme, stick to tans, light browns, light blues, corals, and white.  Accessorize with a tropical-looking necklace, like one made with twine and shells. This outfit would go great with closed toe sandals, but please leave the socks behind.
  3. Formal Day or Formal Night Beach Wedding. Formal linen suit, with a vest and button down shirt is the perfect thing to wear to a beach wedding in Mexico. The suit jacket, vest, and trousers should be of the same color. The button down shirt underneath should brighten up the suit. Aim for something classy like a white, tan, and black print. Dress shoes should be worn instead of sandals.
  4. Undeclared.  When the wedding attire is not specified on the invitation, the safest thing to wear to a beach wedding in Mexico is linen pants and a linen button down shirt. The pants should be white or light tan. The shirt should be a different, yet light color, or have a print or stripe that is not to bold. A necklace made of nuts or shells makes a nice accessory as do closed toe sandals. Make it a little extra dressy with a linen vest that matches the pants, which can be removed if you notice other wedding guests are dressed more casually. Closed toe sandals would work just fine with this outfit.
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