What To Wear To A Black And White Party

Learn about what is okay and not okay to wear to a black and white party. The idea is to celebrate a special event, or make a more festive event out of a party. If you've been invited to this fun themed party, don't be a party pooper. Dress accordingly.

  1. Casual or formal affair. Find out what the dress code for this event is. If you were invited by invitation, it should tell you. Otherwise, ask someone you know who is  going. There is a huge difference between casual and formal black and white party.
  2. Dig through your own closet. If this black and white party is dress casual, get out your career slacks, and a white dress shirt. Simple, but sharp. That's one idea. And make sure you wear your black dress shoes or black shoes that aren't noticeable if you want to cheat a little.
  3. A more formal event. If this black and white party is a more formal event, that is when you want to invest in a tux. If buying a tux isn't at the top of your list, look in to renting one.

If you decide to go somewhere in the middle, wear a tie and a suit. This is fancier than a dress shirt, but definitely less casual than a tux. So this gives you a few ideas to mess with and it should make for a great personal presentation to a black and white party.

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