What To Wear With Black Cardigan Sweaters

What to wear with black cardigan sweaters are articles of clothing that accentuate and complement the already brilliant and smart look of your cardigan sweater. A cardigan sweater is that stylish-yet-conservative sweater that either zips, buttons or ties down the front, which can be used for great effect in the prep look. Wrongfully thought of as clothing for old people, cardigan sweaters are great on anyone.

  1. The Grass Roots Slim Straight Fit Chino Pant in British Khaki The best thing to wear with your black cardigan sweater is an equally smart pair of effective and casual pants: the chino. Historically, part of the British and French military's material for their uniforms, chinos have come a long way and now are some of the most popular pants around. It's easy to see why, since chino pants offer great comfort, relaxation and effortless style that surely will complement your spiffy black cardigan sweater.
  2. Men's 60/40 Blend Oxford Dress Shirt There is nothing better to complement your black cardigan sweater than wearing a sophisticated and semi-business Oxford dress shirt on the inside! Since cardigan sweaters usually have a plunging, sloping or even a V-shaped neckline, you need a bold shirt to fill in that space around your neck. An Oxford dress shirt is just the thing to wear and do it, considering its nice, stiff collar.
  3. Men's Spinnaker Boat Shoe The boat shoe is the perfect thing to wear with your black cardigan sweater. It will add the final touch to the other combination of clothing on this list. No longer just for captains, deckhands or actual people with boats, boat shoes are an idiosyncratic form of dressing that speak to your desire to stand out among a crowd of people. Like loafers, you can usually just slip these sweet-looking babies on your feet.
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