What To Wear With Black Jeans

Wondering what to wear with Black Jeans? Black is one of the easiest colors to go with when you do not know what to wear. Black pants in particular open you up to all sorts of different options when it comes to finishing off your outfit, for those wondering though here is a list of what to wear with black jeans.

  1. Any colored shirt. You can choose to wear any colored shirt with black jeans, bright colors, or neutrals, it will match regardless.
  2. Men can wear polo's with black jeans, as it is always flattering to the opposite sex.
  3. White wife beater tee's are also a female favorite on men, especially if you have a toned upper body.
  4. Any type of shoes can go with black jeans, but you want to make sure that your shoes color does not clash with your shirt.
  5. Another flattering look with black jeans is an open dress shirt for men. If you have a nice upper body you can leave the shirt open, and you are guaranteed some glances from the opposite sex.
  6. Women; like men, can also wear whatever type of top they like with black jeans. Bold pinks and reds are hot colors that will grab attention from the opposite sex.
  7. White sneakers, and a simple white tee with black jeans is also a sexy look that both men and women can rock.
  8. Black skinny jeans on men are a no-no. The style came in a year ago, but does not go well with anyone. You want a nice relaxed fit, not a skin tight one.
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