What To Wear With Black Leather Pants

So, you've went out and bought yourself a sexy pair and are now wondering what to wear with black leather pants.  That's okay, a lot of guys don't know what to wear with them.  The important thing is that you took the time to ask.  Leather pants can look very sexy on a guy if he knows what to wear them with.  If you wear the wrong thing, though, you'll look like a tool. So, use this as a guide.

What to wear with black leather pants:

  1. A vest made from any material BAD IDEA.  Have you ever seen a guy wearing a vest with leather pants?  He looks like a complete tool!  If you want to know what to wear with black leather pants, your first lesson is to stay away from a vest. 
  2. Leather shirt BAD IDEA.  Leather mixed with more leather looks tacky and cheap.  Unless you want to look like an ex-pornstar, let your pants be the only leather on your body. 
  3. Graphic Tee GOOD IDEA.  When you're trying to figure out what to wear with black leather pants, remember that the pants are already kind of flashy.  You really don't want to mix them with something else that calls for attention.  A graphic tee is a casual item that goes great with leather pants.  It's got a laid-back look, but it look stylish paired with leather.
  4. Boots GOOD IDEA.  This is one instance where boots look hot on a guy.  When you mix boots with leather pants, you get that bad boy look that women love.  Choose boots that are the same color as the pants, and don't go with some ridiculous heel on the back.  Also, don't wear cowboy boots with leather pants.  They just don't mix.
  5. Silk shirt GOOD IDEA.  Believe it or not, a white silk shirt looks hot paired with black leather pants, but you have to wear it right.  Don't button it up all the way, or you'll look mismatched in the pants.  Unbutton it two or three buttons, just so that it flaps open a little. 
  6. Gold jewelry BAD IDEA.  Please, please, do not wear gold jewelry with your leather pants. It's horrible. What's next?  A chestful of bushy black hair and a medallion?  Keep the gold at home.  Instead, go bare or wear canvas or hemp-based jewelry.

Now that you've gotten all the answers, slide into your pants and hit the clubs.  Just be careful not to get too sweaty, or you may not be able to get out of them.

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