What To Wear With Black Skinny Ties

Do not wreck your brain figuring out what to wear with black skinny ties. The skinny black tie is one of the trendiest styles for men as well as fashion forward celebrities who don the look. The black skinny tie can be easily put together with simple clothing if you coordinate it accordingly. The skinny tie can be worn in an office work environment, plus gives off a conservative look whether you are on a date or at a party.

  1. Cardigan sweater. Cardigan sweater is a classic shirt to wear with a black skinny tie. Wear the black skinny tie over a buttoned shirt with the cardigan sweater, or place the skinny tie tucked inside the shirt. A cardigan with the skinny tie matches well with slim jeans and a pair of sneakers or oxfords, giving you a unique sense of style without going overboard.
  2. Vests. Alternate your looks wearing a black skinny tie with a vest. Place short-sleeved buttoned shirt underneath the vest to give a casual, grownup appearance without wearing a full suit. The vest paired with relaxed fit jeans, skinny jeans or black casual pants along with a pair of dressy oxford shoes or sneakers.
  3. Suit. A black skinny tie along with a suit is a nice getup when going to a job interview, to an office job or a formal event. A black suit usually goes well with a black tie and a white dress shirt but if you want to alter the look, take off the suit jacket leaving the dress shirt and skinny black tie visible.
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