What To Wear On A Blind Date

Knowing what to wear on a blind date is important, especially if you hope to impress the girl. Consider the thrill and mystery of the date you are to meet later that evening, and the fun you two can have together. There is no need to go overboard on an outfit, though wearing something stylish is of the essence.

  1. Choose to wear what makes you comfortable. For example, if you typically dress conservatively, then there is no need to modify your style. Changing your appearance just to impress a blind date may cause you to be uncomfortable throughout the entire evening. Your date is more likely to get a better impression of you if you dress in your own style clothing.
  2. Prepare ahead of time. If you are going on a blind date to the beach or a poolside party, dress accordingly. Wear swim shorts and a cool T-shirt to the beach. Refrain from wearing socks and running shoes and instead slip on a pair of stylish flip-flops. Consider wearing a nice pair of printed or khaki shorts and a T-shirt to a poolside party. Pack the swim shorts in case you decide to take a dip in the pool.
  3. Wear a jacket or light sweater on a chilly evening. Plan to take a stroll after a nice dinner. Whether it is in a nearby park or on the beach, be sure to bring along that jacket or sweater in case your date becomes chilled. Offering warmth to your date may give you the much-needed excuse to hold her a bit closer.
  4. Select colors to wear that blend with your skin tone. You want to impress your blind date. Be sure to wear an outfit that looks attractive on you and not just in the magazine or on the mannequin. Avoid wearing black or dark colors if you have blemished or pigmented skin. If you have pale skin, consider choosing light colors in blues and greens. Olive skin tones may look best in warm colors such as maroon, burgundy and brown.
  5. Throw on your favorite jersey and ball cap. This is acceptable for sporting events. For example, if you are meeting your date at the stadium to watch a favorite NFL team, or at the local ballpark to take in a baseball game, wear the team’s colors and show your support. You never know, the girl may arrive donning her favorite jersey as well.


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