What To Wear With Blue

You may be wondering what to wear with blue? Blue has many shades such as ultramarine, federal and cobalt to name a few. Blue can be matched with an identical, lighter or darker shade of itself. It's contrasting color on the color chart is orange so if you like rust, pumpkin, or melon, try the colors together to see if you like them. You can also try using one of its neighbor's on the color chart.  Green is the perfect example. Use a blue-green (aqua, teal) with blue for a bright look. Other colors to consider are cream, yellow, pink,khaki, and blue's other neighbor on the color chart is purple.  Shades such as black, gray and white look great with blue. Keep in mind the undertones and the shade of gray when matching.

  1. What to wear with blue pants – white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, khaki, green, blue, purple or any shade are ideal. Unless the pant color is carolina blue or baby blue. In this case you would want to go with a darker blue, black, white, or a deep gray shirt to help balance the color.
  2. What to wear with blue shorts – the same rules as above apply.
  3. What to wear with a blue shirt in summer or spring – White, cream, yellow, khaki (with dark blue's), jeans, blue, purple, gray or black pants will look fine.
  4. What to wear with a blue shirt or sweater in fall or winter – Khaki, navy, jeans, blue,  gray or black pants will be perfect.
  5. What to wear with a blue hat/cap - a white, cream, gray or blue shirt, suit coat or overcoat is ideal. Match pant to shirt for a total effect.

There are an infinite number of colors and combinations you can wear with blue, so keep experimenting!



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