What To Wear With Boat Shoes

Look classy by learning what to wear with boat shoes. Gentlemen don't wear sandals, so boat shoes are great for the summer. You don't need to be a millionaire to own boat shoes, and if you pick the right set, they will last you a lifetime.

  1. Khakis. We're not going to say that you should never wear pastel pants, but with boat shoes, you have to wear khakis or lighter colored pants. The differing brown hues create a good base for anything you are going to be wearing on top. Do not, under any circumstances wear black pants with brown boat shoes. That should be a felony charge.
  2. Socks. Socks are optional with boat shoes. But if you wear them, make sure they are black or grey. No other colors are acceptable. if you are wearing shorts, the shorter the socks the better. Unless you have varicose veins. Then you want to jack them up.
  3. Shorts. Shorts and boat shoes go together like sailing and fancy watches. The color rules can be bent a little with shorts, but it is still never OK to wear black shorts. Not with boat shoes, not ever.
  4. Collared shirt. Never, ever wear a T-shirt when you are wearing boat shoes. It just looks weird. Even if you have a Swiss cotton shirt that your girlfriend says looks cute, you still look like a doofus. The cheapest polo will look infinitely better than the nicest T-shirt.
  5. Captain's hat. You're wearing boat shoes, so go for it. We're only half kidding. We would venture to say that the only time you should be wearing a captains hat is when you are wearing boat shoes or are barefoot on your yacht.
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