What To Wear For Breakdancing

Knowing what to wear for breakdancing is important for more than just looking the part of a b-boy. Good breakdancing attire not only looks the part, but it helps protect you and, to some degree, it helps your performance as well. Don't get it confused, breakdancing is a physical sport. So, what do you wear when you breakdance? Your clothing of choice is directly based on the type of maneuvers you plan on performing.

  1. If you plan on pulling off crazy "helis" and other maneuvers that involve your head, you'd better cover it up. We're not talking about sex either. You need to protect your head. Don't go so far as to wear a helmet, because that would impede your breakdancing performance. You want just enough to make sure you're not going to get severe rub burns and blisters from the friction of the spinning. A skull cap with a decent thickness will work. Fitted baseball hats and those army-style joints not only look good, they're great buffers.
  2. It doesn't matter what type of shirt you wear for breakdancing. The importance lies with how well the shirt fits. You don't want a shirt that's going to restrict your movements. You also don't want a shirt so loose that it gets in the way of some of your more complex breakdancing displays. T-shirts are usually relatively flexible no matter how form fitting they get. If they're too big, however, you can run the risk of getting your arms caught in a funny position, You could potentially hurt yourself. Any other style of shirt needs to fall into that "in-between" size. Too tight and you'll be stiff. Too loose and you'll end up on your ass.
  3. When it comes to pants, think along the same lines as shirts. Too tight will be too restrictive. Too loose will get you in trouble. Stay in the middle with these. Plus, if you're doing any kind of complex breakdancing foot and leg work, it looks better if the audience can clearly see your leg movements. You also don't want your pants to be too long. If your pants are too long, you run the risk of having your pants get in the way of the traction of your shoes. If this happens you could end up on your face instead of pulling off that flip you're going for.
  4. Shoes with great ankle support are a must. Good traction is needed too. They'll help you stop on a dime and pull of precise movements without injuring yourself. Shoes without great grip can be okay depending on your routine. The pop lockers that do a lot of sliding motions across the floor can benefit from shoes with lesser grips. It all depends on what you're doing. Once again, it's probably better to stay in the middle.
  5. Elbow and knee pads are key. Breakdancing has evolved from basic footwork and spins to some really crazy stuff. Elbow and knee pads are most definitely needed for the most high-flying acrobatic maneuvers. They can even be used to help you pull off some other cool moves.
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