What To Wear With Brown Cardigan Sweaters

Hmmm, what to wear with brown cardigan sweaters? A brown cardigan sweater can be matched with a number of things. It depends on your personal style. The only thing you really need to watch out for when putting together an outfit with a brown cardigan sweater is the possible color clashing. You're not going to be able to rock a brown cardigan sweater with, say, a purple collared shirt with poke-a-dots. It just wont work. Well, what do brown cardigan sweaters work with then? Check out some of these tips. Here's how to incorporate a brown cardigan sweater into your outfits.

  1. The color clash. Brown Cardigan sweaters need to be matched with earth tome colors. Everything doesn't necessarily have to be brown, but you want to have clothes with an earthy feel as far as color is concerned. No bright red T-shirts, or lime green sneakers. Light browns work. Certain darker green colors and grays can work well also.
  2. Cardigans are flexible. Once you get the color scheme down, everything else is pretty simple. Cardigans can be matched with a number of things. Let's start with the shirts. A nice form fitting cardigan can look good with a nice collared shirt under it. It can also look good with a tee shirt under it. It really depends on your style. Ask yourself what you're trying to go for. If you want the preppy look then a collared shirt is your best bet. If you want a sort of trendy feel a nice earth toned tee can work very well.
  3. Pants. Cardigans work well with jeans just as well as slacks. Brown cardigans will of course need some tan,or possibly darker brown colored slacks. If you choose jeans, just make sure they're clean. A darker colored pair of jeans will work better with a brown cardigan than lighter colored jeans.
  4. Shoes. Lucky for you, that you live in a time when sneakers come in all shapes, styles and colors. Choosing a sneaker with similar colors to the cardigan can work well, if you're wearing jeans. If you're wearing slacks, stay away from the sneakers. Go with a dressier shoe. The shoe, of course, should be some complimenting shade of brown.
  5. Hats. There's only one rule to follow here. No baseball hats. It just looks stupid. Any other hat is fair game. Just make sure that the colors all compliment each other. You don't want an out fit where one item stands out because the color choice sucked.
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