What To Wear With A Cardigan For Guys

Before you decide what to wear with a cardigan for guys, find a few cardigans that are perfect for you. Cardigans are sold in malls, department stores and online. Basically, any fashion clothing store carries a variety of these items.

  1. Make sure the cardigan is made of high quality material or soft and supple yarn before your purchase. When you stretch the cardigan, it should retain its original shape. If it does not, it might be made with cheap quality material. Comfort is of the utmost importance because if a cardigan is stiff or scratchy, it may hang in your closet more than you actually wear it. Once you have found a few cardigans, start focusing on what to wear with your new garments.
  2. For a casual look, it is advised to keep it simple and clean. The shirts that go with cardigans don’t have to be specific because cardigans are made to be versatile. By simply changing the shirt you wear underneath, you can change the entire statement of the ensemble. A coordinating T-shirt or an undershirt can complete the look for warmer weather. However, in the cooler months, you can change it up and wear a long sleeve cotton shirt with the cardigan vest.
  3. If you are looking to be casual for the day or evening, you will want to choose the style most appropriate for the occasion. For events like a pool tournament, bachelor party or poker game, casual cardigans would be the best choice. A lightweight cotton cardigan could be coupled with a coordinating T-shirt and a nice pair of jeans. A soft jersey cardigan vest made of cotton can be complimented nicely with a shirt (long sleeves or short) made of the same material. You can either layer a dark color over a lighter one or vice versa. Most of these casual looks go well with jeans and tennis shoes.
  4. Wear a long sleeve buttoned shirt under the cardigan for a more classy, sophisticated look. The classic button-up or polo shirt can be worn to dress up a cardigan for guys. A white shirt and a tie are a popular choice for making a chic statement and can be worn with jeans or nice trousers. The colors that you choose are also important to the statement you are making. Whether you are going casual or dressy, be sure that you follow your own preference to reflect your personal style.
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