What To Wear With A Checkered Sport Coat

If you're trying to up the style of your wardrobe, you'll need to know what to wear with a checkered sport coat. The best things to wear with a checkered sport coat are basically anything that your heart desires. A checkered sport coat is such a flexible piece of clothing that it easily and frequently goes with most anything while not clashing much of the time. All you really need to pull off a look with a checkered sport coat is a lot of self-confidence and walking around town like you own the whole neighborhood.

  1. Elegant Solid Black Fringe Scarf. Trendsblue's elegant solid black fringe scarf sits atop this list of what to wear with a checkered sport coat because it smartly accents your checkered sport coat in an understated manner. With frazzled ends for that extra bit of extra character and a lightweight and soft material, this fringe scarf was made to be worn with a checkered sport coat. The more eccentric you look, the more people will stare at you anyway, which is half the point of dressing.
  2. Unionbay Young Men's Bronco Jeans. Combining a checkered sport coat—which is a more snazzy and stylish way of dressing—with just a plain old pair of jeans creates a brilliant juxtaposition that will both fascinate and draw the attention of complete strangers, which is why it is such a good companion to a checkered sport coat. The great thing about these bronco jeans is how they accommodate comfort by coming in a relaxed fit while also featuring a bootcut for more room and space.
  3. Fruit of the Loom Men's A-Shirt. This wifebeater A-shirt is a great twist for an item to wear with your trusty checkeered sport coat. If you want to go for a roughneck, down-scale and working-class look, then put on a wifebeater A-shirt underneath your checkered sport coat. Together, this combination will look like an ode to working class-meets-style, creating its very own hybrid look of audacity that is sure to get the attention of certain demographics of people.
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