What To Wear To Church

Knowing what to wear to church is important information before attending any type of service. You want to go to church feeling confident that you are dressed appropriately and can enjoy the event. Here are a few guidelines to follow.

  1. Dress pants or khakis are appropriate for church. This shows that you are respectful of the event and the people participating. On some occasions, such as a church event not held inside the church building, you may be able to wear jeans or shorts.
  2. A dress shirt or polo shirt is always acceptable. Either one works well with the pant options above. It is okay to undo the top button or two, to remain casual, but you don't want to look like you didn't put any thought into what you are wearing.
  3. A tie is optional in most cases. Churches today lean towards less of a staunch and dressy look while still attempting to keep attire respectful. If you are attending a wedding or baptism at a church, a tie would be appropriate, but you wouldn't need to wear one for a regular weekly service.
  4. Closed toed shoes are best for church settings. Sandals and flip flops look too casual. Tennis shoes would not be appropriate for a Sunday service or a church event like a baby dedication or wedding, but may be okay for a church event.
  5. Youth group meetings may have a different dress code than regular church services. Because of the younger age group, standards of dress are usually less strict because of the desire to bring kids into the church. Remember that each type of church and religion finds values in different things and so if you aren't sure about what to wear, always err on the side of being overly dressed. It is easy to come back more casual the next time and you still presented a good first impression. You want to know what to wear to church to make sure you are conforming to the church's expectations and standards.
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