What To Wear To A Club

Deciding what to wear to a club can say a lot about your personality. Some people go out into the night life wearing very loud, gaudy outfits. They're clearly fishing for attention. Other's wear rather modest outfits because they don't feel comfortable being the center of attention. But what should you wear to a club? Assuming that you guys want to know the best ways to attract women when you hit the club, lets go from there. You don't want to go out looking like a damn clown, but at the same time, you don't want to look so plain that you fade into the background. You want your clothing ensemble to say you're comfortable with yourself and you don't need the attention, but you won't shun extra looks if you get them. Let's put together some things for you to wear to a club.

  1. Shoes and socks. A lot of guys don't take their shoe game serious enough. Women check out everything on you. Everything. Don't go walking into the club with some beat up kicks. The best shoes to wear to a club are square toed. Not those goofy looking joints that come to a point, and not those silly looking 1930's paperboy kicks. A nice square toed shoe. One thing about the socks. Don't wear white socks with dark colored dress shoes. You're not Michael Jackson and you're not moonwalking.
  2. Jeans or slacks and belts. Slacks are pretty straight forward. You have a lot of jean choices you can make. Darker colored jeans with slight fading look good. There's a lot of choices so play around with them. Don't wear them too tight, and sagging pants are for inmates. The pants legs should come over the shoe without dragging on the floor. Get them the right size. Stay away from jeans that are overly flashy, they'll detract from the rest of your outfit. A belt with a cool buckle is cool to wear to a club, but make sure it goes with the rest of the outfit.
  3. Collared shirts and tees. There are a lot of trendy tees you can wear to a club. Here's where your personal style comes into play. Find a cool shirt. All of the big name stores sell lots of cool tees. It depends on what you like. One tip, if you don't have the body for it, don't wear one of those tight shirts because it'll make you look sloppy. The same with collared shirts. Find something that makes your form look better. Don't wear the form fitting shirts if your form isn't shaped for it. Wear shirts to the club that don't look like you're in a boardroom. Shirts with nice cufflinks are really cool. Oh, and don't button the shirt all the way to the top unless you're going for the Steve Urkel look.
  4. Jewelry. If you're going to wear it to a club, make sure it goes with what you're wearing. Please don't ruin your outfit by rocking one of those incredibly tacky watches littered with rhinestones. You know the ones. Earrings should be smaller, and if your wearing a bracelet, it should compliment the watch.
  5. Cologne. No more than three sprays. One for your wrists. One for either side of your neck. And if you must, the third should be placed behind the ear. You don't want people smelling your cologne from a mile away. You're wearing your cologne to the club it's not wearing you.
  6. Blazers and ties and vests. If you wear one, the blazer should compliment the shirt. No purple jackets and yellow spotted shirts unless you like looking like the Joker. I'm personally not a fan of ties. If you like them, once again make sure they compliment the outfit. The same thing with vests.
  7. Hats. If you're going to wear a hat to the club, check out the derby styles. The "mob" styled hats look good too. Once again, play around with different styles until you find something you like. Stay away from baseball hats though. They just look tacky with with clubbing clothes.
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