What To Wear To A College Graduation

What to wear to a college graduation? A college graduation is a special day. Knowing what to wear builds the aura that makes the commencement a special occasion. The clothes you wear shouldn’t look disheveled. instead, follow a few of these suggestions on what to wear to a college graduation.

  1. A suit. The suit does not have to be something spectacular. To help you select a suit, simply pretend you’re going to a job interview. In other words, play it safe and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
  2. Dress clothes. Men attending a graduation should wear dress clothes, if not a suit. Slacks or khakis should be an earthy tone. The dress shirt can be any color but needs to be tucked in.
  3. The shoes. The shoes you wear to a college graduation should be formal. Your dress shoes should be either black or brown. If you can’t shine them you shouldn’t wear them to the graduation.
  4. College merchandise. You can get away with wearing a T-shirt at a college graduation as long as it proudly display the schools name, colors or mascot.
  5. The tie. A regular sized, solid colored tie should do the trick when attending a college graduation. Skinny ties, joke ties and other interesting ties are nice but for this formal occasion a tie you would wear to the office will do just fine.
  6. The cufflinks. Cufflinks add a hint of sophistication. Cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes. You should definitely wear them to a college graduation. Wear them with a French cuff dress shirt—these shirts have no buttons on the sleeves.
  7. Jewelry. Yes, men can wear jewelry to a college graduation but nothing too extravagant. A simple bracelet, watch, necklace or ring will be appropriate.
  8. The hair. Your hair should be worn as if you’re going to a job interview. This means either cut it or comb it in effort to look presentable. A college graduation warrants respect and combing your hair goes a long way.
  9. Black polo shirt and jeans. Obviously you should not wear the jeans with the holes in the legs or whose pant legs scuttle behind your feet. The polo shirt and jeans you wear should be well-fitting, not necessarily snug—just presentable.
  10. Sport jacket with jeans. The sport jacket and jeans look is timeless. This look is good for formal  and informal occasions all you need is a sport jacket, a dress shirt, jeans and dress shoes. The dress shirt should be tucked in and the jeans should be a regular fit.

Whether you are just attending the college graduation or the graduate just for today, you should look as good as you can. Not only will you be taking lots of pictures but college graduations don’t come along everyday.

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