What To Wear To A Concert

You got your tickets and now you have to figure out what to wear to a concert. This isn't just a problem experienced by females in the modern age. Men want to look their best as they enjoy their favorite band's performance.

  1. Start with a pair of jeans. When figuring out what to wear to a concert, always start with your favorite pair of bottoms. Make sure they fit securely as to not fall off when you are inspired to jump up and down, and not be too tight to sit comfortably for an hour or more at a time. Be sure they are clean and wrinkle free. Do not wear jeans that are torn to expose areas better left private.
  2. Choose a shirt to fit your personality. When deciding what to wear to a concert, put your own personality into consideration and choose a shirt that suits you. If you like plaid, get out that button down shirt and put it on. If you prefer subtle, wear a white or pastel pull over. Assure that your shirt is comfortable and will not ride up when you raise your hands in the air to cheer.
  3. Put on any of the performing artists memorabilia. What to wear to a concert is often decided by who is performing. If it is a new band, you may have nothing to represent your love for them, but older or more established acts offer necklaces, bracelets, t-shirts, etc for you to wear as a show of support. Be careful wearing shirts from bands that have possibly feuded with the band playing or have conflicting interests of any kind.
  4. Be tasteful in your selections. The most important point in deciding what to wear to a concert is being tasteful and considerate of your fellow concert goers. Do not wear shirts with saying meant to shock or offend. Leave super tight or overly cut-up pants at home.
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