What To Wear With Converse

Converse are classic shoes that will never go out of style. They are comfortable, affordable and look great with any outfit put well together. If you are not sure what to wear with converse, here are some ideas to put into your next outfit.

  1. Jeans. If you want to know what to wear with Converse, jeans are the first clothing that can make or break your look. Depending on your body type, find jeans that will fit your size and looks good on you. Skinny jeans (not skin type) is a good choice for some men but if it is not your style, straight leg/boot cut will work fine too. For people who love the lots of extra room baggy, jeans works well with low top converse. Overall, dark jeans make converse shoes stand out instead than lighter denim as the shoes and jeans color compliment each other.
  2. Hoodies. A must have for every guy as hoodies fit well with sneakers, including Converse shoes. Pair it up with jeans and an undershirt for a casual everyday look that is comfortable whether you are takeing a quick trip to the store, walking your dog, or hanging out with family or friends.
  3. Regular t-shirts. Just like Converse, t-shirts are a classic look to match with jeans and Converse shoes. From regular white and black T-shirts, long-sleeved or  short-sleeved, with or without designed graphics, it's another look to match with a pair of Chuck Taylors.
  4. Jackets. Converse shoes are wearable for every season and the type of jackets that'll look nice for any guy is zip up light weight jackets. If you want the retro '50s look, minus the John Travolta grease hairstyle, a leather jacket will make you stand out more and draw attention to your converse.
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