What To Wear For Court

Have you ever wondered what to wear for court? Whether you are the attorney or a client in a civil or domestic court it is always advisable to arrive at the court house looking professional. Be clean-shaven or trim your mustache, goatee or beard. Hair should be worn short in a professional-looking style.

If you are an attorney wondering what to wear for court, a briefcase, suit, tie and polishable shoes are a must. Choose suit colors such as gray, navy, brown, tan or black for a professional appearance.

If you are a client in a civil or domestic court wondering what to wear for court, clothing should be dress casual at the very least. Dress casual implies a dress pant in black, gray, navy, tan or brown with a buttoned down, long sleeve shirt which can be worn alone or with a sweater, with polishable shoes. Or a dress pant in black, gray, tan, navy or black, paired with a sweater which can be worn without a dress shirt underneath, with polishable shoes. Choose a sweater that is a single color, preferably in a darker shade.

The best appearance for court would be a suit, with or without a tie, with polishable shoes. A vest is not a necessary piece of the suit but can serve to present a more professional appearance. If outerwear has you wondering what to wear for court, a weather appropriate coat or overcoat is acceptable. If you do not own polishable shoes but are wondering what shoes to wear for court, shop for the most budget friendly pair that comes in a black or brown depending on your outfit color. Wondering what jewelry to wear for court? Jewelry should be kept simple–a watch only.

Things to not wear for court are:

  1. Polo shirts
  2. denim
  3. short sleeve shirts (including tee shirts)
  4. tennis shoes, boat shoes, doc martens
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