What To Wear With Cowboy Boots

Do you want to know what to wear with cowboy boots? Here is a list of five things to wear with cowboy boots and not go wrong. Cowboy boots have been a part of fashion for what seems live forever . They are not just for cowboys and ranchers. In fact, cowboy boots have made their way into main stream fashion.

  1. Jeans. A nice pair of jeans will go perfect with cowboy boots. Medium washed, slightly distressed boot cut jeans would be even better. Any girl would agree that there is just something about a man in a pair of fitted jeansnot to tight not to baggythat makes her insides squeal with delight.
  2. Cowboy Hat. This seems a little obvious. Cowboy boots can definitely be worn with out the hat, but you can’t go wrong with it either.
  3. Button Down Shirt. You got the boots and you got the jeans, now it’s time for a shirt. A nice crisp button down shirt will do well. Something with vertical stripes with draw the eye up and down and make the body appear long and lean. Wear the shirt tucked out with the sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow.
  4. Plain White Tee. A white t-shirt works well too. The trick is to make sure it is clean and pure white. No one wants to see pit stains or spilt ketchup on the shirt.
  5. Belt Buckle. Now don’t go and buy the biggest, flashiest buckle out there. A simple belt buckle that showcases your personality or interest will do fine. As an added bonuses, a belt buckle can make a great conversation starter with the ladies.

The options are endless with a nice pair of cowboy boots. Treat them the same as any pair of shoes and wear them with what feels right.

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