What To Wear To A Dance

Want to learn about what to wear to a dance? Deciding what to wear to a dance can be a matter of frustration for a young man on his first date or an older gentleman who's still trying to impress his wife. Often a man will stare into his wardrobe with nothing but a blank stare of frustration when faced with this issue. Take a few tips on what to wear to a dance and enjoy yourself.

  1. Consider the type of dance you are attending.  When figuring out what to wear to a dance, you must first take into consideration the formality of the event you are attending. For a young man attending an after school dance, casual apparel will suit the bill. A formal dinner dance held in honor of your wife's boss may require a suit and tie. A New Year's Eve gala may require a tux. Never try to buck the system on the level of formality of any event.
  2. Be prepared to buy new clothes. After you have decided on the formality level, you may very well discover that you literally have nothing to wear. With the knowledge of the proper attire in mind, visit a local clothing outlet. Always keep in mind the colors that make you feel comfortable and stick with those colors.
  3. Always look neat and clean. Regardless of the formality of the occasion, when you decide what to wear to a dance, always be sure that your clothes are clean, pressed, and fit properly. At a casual event, your jeans and shirt should look fresh and new. For more formal occasions, starch should be added to shirts to make them crisp and pants should be creased and completely wrinkle free.
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