What To Wear To Dinner

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn what to wear to dinner. Wearing the appropriate clothing to dinner will not only save you and your friends embarrassment, but a great style choice may even help to gain you some kudos! For optimal results, be sure to run your clothing selection by the host or hostess of the dinner to make sure it will be appropriate.

  1. Talk with the person who invited you to dinner to determine what type of clothing will be acceptable. Typically, they will be happy to tell you whether the dinner is going to be casual attire, cocktail attire or formal wear. If the dinner is anything other than casual, the host or hostess will typically send out an invitation in the mail, which will state these instructions. If you are having the dinner at a restaurant instead of someone's home and are embarrassed to ask what to wear, try stopping by the restaurant and checking out what other people are wearing. You can even talk with one of the servers or bartenders to determine what is appropriate.
  2. Run your clothing choice by the dinner host a few days before the event. Make sure they approve what you have chosen before making a final decision.
  3. Make sure the clothing is clean and pressed. Nothing will look right if it is dirty or wrinkled. If necessary, take the items to the dry cleaner or seamstress in order to make sure the clothes fit properly and are appropriate for the party.
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