What To Wear For Easter

What to wear for Easter depends on what you have planned for the day. Generally, dressing appropriate for Easter, means wearing your Sunday best. Now what does that mean, you ask. Apply the following guidelines and you will be ready to go find your Easter basket.

  1. Wear lightweight slacks. Choose from khakis or wide wale corduroys in a light color. Jeans are acceptable if you are going on a picnic or going to watch an egg hunt, but for a church service, go with the casual dress pants.
  2. Mimic the colors of plastic Easter eggs and pick a shirt in a pastels like tangerine, yellow, baby blue or mint. Stripes feel fresh and spring-like in these colors.  
  3. Choose a polo shirt for a more casual affair, and a button down for a dressier casual look. Alternately, a lightweight sweater is also perfect for Easter, many parts of the country are still a bit chilly around this holiday.
  4. Have some fun with your socks. Easter is a good time to wear fun socks. Pastel argyles or other colorful pairs that match your shirt are a good way to welcome spring. 
  5. Wearing a suit and tie is the best choice for some men, especially if you are expected to be more dressed up. In that case, save the black suit for winter and somber occasions and instead wear a deep purple sport coat, or a navy blue or camel-colored suit. Dark brown is also a great choice.
  6. Match what your son is wearing if you can, (if you are a father of course.) This will make all the women say, "ahhh, how cute."  No matter how macho you are, being considered cute on occassion is desirable.
  7. Regardless of what you are wearing, be sure your shoes are clean. Match them to your belt, brown with brown, black with black. Save your athletic shoes for another day. 
  8. Spring is a rainy season in many parts of the country. Having an extra umbrella is not really part of what to wear for Easter, but it is a good practice. If you are going to a church service, or at a restaurant dressed up, know that there will be many women who spent a lot of time planning their outfits and hair-do's as well. Being able to whip out an extra umbrella will make you seem a little more than cute, you will be a knight in shining pastels.
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