What To Wear For A Family Portrait

It is hard to decide what to wear for a family portrait. A family portrait will be part of family history and be kept for generations to come. Finding something to wear for a family portrait doesn't have to be difficult. It is actually quite simple and requires stuff that is more than likely already in your closet. Here are acceptable items to wear when when deciding what to wear for a family portrait:

  1. Choose solid colors. A solid-colored shirt is easy on the eyes. Solid colors are easy to work with, especially if the family is trying to coordinate outfits with one another. Try to stay away from stripes and patterns, they take away from the picture. When deciding what to wear for a family portrait, remember that medium and dark colors create a classic look, and soft colors enhance lighter backgrounds.
  2. Pick a nice shirt. The shirt doesn't need to be a dress shirt, unless everyone in the family is dressing up. It should be of decent quality and without wrinkles. A solid-colored polo shirt works great; it looks like there was effort taken in choosing the outfit, and it still remains casual enough to be fun. Stay away from shirts with slogans; this can be distracting in a picture.
  3. Consider a family theme. All members of the family in the portrait will want to coordinate with each other. One member shouldn't stand out more than the others. Sometimes families will wear the same colors or colors that go well together. It is important to remember to blend well, but there still needs to be individualism. When deciding what to wear for a family portrait, the family should all decide on what theme they want. Dressing up can be fun, but some of the best family portraits are of families just being natural, like in their everyday life. Themes will help set guidelines when deciding what to wear for a family portrait.



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