What to Wear With a Fedora

Fedoras are simply swell. Hats lost their appeal for a time, but they are back in full force. Seen on popular television shows, movies and celebrities of all ages, a fedora is a real option for a man looking to add a little class to their look. But, pair your fedora with a classic vintage suit and you risk looking like you are wearing a costume.  Follow these guidelines to learn what to wear with a fedora.

  1. Purchasing the hat itself. To start, you want to choose a conservative fedora. Neutral colors, like khaki, gray or brown are your best bet. Black works great for some men, while others a black fedora is simply too much. Look for a normal sized brim, nothing too small or too large. Be sure the hat fits. Even if you fall in love with it at the vintage clothing shop, it needs to fit well. This means it will not be falling down over your eyes, or leaving a red mark on your forehead because it is too tight. If either of these is true, set the hat down and walk away.
  2. Go for a classy, casual look with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Converse tennis shoes combined with a chill attitude creates a mysterious air. Switch the converse up for a pair of classic shoes and the look turns sophisticated without any pretentiousness.
  3. Choose dressier clothing. Sport coats work well with both flat front slacks and jeans alike. A pair of suspenders will pull practically any outfit together. Short sleeved button downs, or a nice fitting T-shirt both work nicely with a pair of suspenders.
  4. Pulling on a sweater vest is completely appropriate when wearing a fedora. Keep it cool, not nerdy, with a T-shirt instead of a dress shirt buttoned to the top. Any vest will do. A suit vest, a suede vest or even a leather vest can be paired up with a fedora. Remember the look is more of an extension of who you are and the attitude is not, "Look at me, I'm wearing a hat." It is, "Yeah, whatever, I like it."
  5. Bowling shirts are a fantastic choice to pair with a fedora. The slightly old school look of both, combined, creates a playful look.
  6. Go the cabana route. A loose white button down shirt, worn over a tank top and a pair of classic khaki shorts is another fedora possibility.

Avoid any gym clothing when choosing what to wear with a fedora. This includes sweats, soccer shorts, your basketball uniform and the ski jacket.  This is when you can wear your favorite baseball cap, or slip on a ski cap, not a fedora.

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