What To Wear To A Foam Party

What to wear to a foam party is not a question you will have to ask once you have been to one of these events. Once you experience it, you will know what you want to wear. The options are pretty open. A foam party is literally a dance party where the floor is full of several feet of suds. People dance in the midst of the foam all the while getting soaking wet. Remember that bubbles are water and soap and as people dance, they will break down. Foam parties may seem like a new event, but in fact the 1932 film "A Rhapsody in Black and Blue" shows Louis Armstrong dancing and playing his trumpet in soap suds. He was wearing a suit by the way, but you will probably want to consider the following tips on what to wear to a foam party. 

  1. Wear a bathing suit if you desire. Pair swim trunks with a tank top and hit the floor. Women often come in bikinis with a cover-up until the foam gets high enough. Go ahead and loose the tank top as the night progresses.
  2. Accessorize your swim wear with goggles, a snorkle or a shower cap for some fun. A foam party is meant to be fun, so loosen up and wear something silly if you want.
  3. Regular clothes are also appropriate. Choose lightweight pants and a shirt that will still be comfortable wet. You can always take off the shirt as the night progresses. 
  4. Choose tennis shoes or other rubber soled shoes. You will appreciate the grip these provide once the floor starts to fill with suds and water.
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