What To Wear To Funeral

If it’s been a long time since your great aunt so-and-so passed, and you only now need to go to a family funeral, you may want to review what to wear to a funeral. The Bible says, “Let the dead bury their own dead,” (Matthew 8:22) but back then they didn’t have the style we have today. They also didn’t know a lot about networking, social or otherwise, except when they were turning water into wine and spinning straw into gold. Stick around and we’ll have you looking sharp and giving the dead a proper goodbye, but we won’t give any recommendations on sending flowers.

What you’ll need:

  • A suit
  • Proper shoes
  • A tie
  • An under shirt
  • A dress shirt
  • cuff links
  • no more than three accessories
  1. Ditch the blazer for a suit. Choosing the right suit or blazer can make or break your funeral look. Don’t wear anything too casual as this is a somber moment. Your light sport jacket from the ’80s that you wore every day to high school with Public Image Limited, Sex Pistols, and Dead Kennedys pins down the lapel is not what you want to wear to bury your kin. You can get away with a blue blazer and dress pants, but a gentleman opts for a suit. Try a black suit with a modern cut by Marc Jacobs or Hugo Boss if you want to be remembered long after the dead are buried and gone.
  2. The well heeled mourner. Shoes are of great concern when deciding what to wear to a funeral. Funeral shoes should not be the shoes worn to the office or job site, unless, maybe, you are a banker. Black, lace-up shoes are the selection for the day.
  3. The cravat makes the man. A good tie is a must at a funeral. Forget all this cutsie crap with little designs and bold, joyful colors. Save it for a day at the beech, and instead. Wear a solid color such as a purple or deep red. To mix it up if you are wearing the traditional black suit with a white shirt, wear a black tie with a white damask pattern.
  4. An undershirt.  Always, always wear an undershirt. Nobody wants to see your skin tone or chest hair shining through your dress shirt when the sunlight hits it just so.
  5. “I remember he always wore white dress shirts when he attended funerals.” The traditional dress shirt for a wedding is white. Wear a Ferragamo classic fit white dress shirt to a funeral for style and comfort.
  6. Cuff-Links. If the funeral is to be held at a wealthy congregation, cuff links are a must. If the location is less than wealthy cuff-links can be ostentatious. Drop a couple grand on a pair of Paloma’s groove cuff links to show you care.
  7. Other Accessories. It has been said, never wear more than three accessories when you testify in court, and a belt counts as one accessory. This is a good rule for what to wear to a funeral as well, but we will give you a furlough to wear up to five, including the tie and cuff-links. At a funeral wear a belt or suspenders, wedding band and a watch. If you’re not married, bring a flask of whisky, or if you’re married, skip the watch or wedding band. In hot and sunny climates skip the booze (someone else will bring it) and wear sunglasses.
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