What To Wear To A Gig

Want to know what to wear to a gig? Everyone loves to attend concerts and have a great time. But it is important to dress the part as well. There is usually a lot of physical activity going on and it's important to dress for looks as well as comfort.

  1. Don't wear hats. Usually gigs are so wild and activity filled that hats can be lost in the process. Hats, doo rags and caps can also be snatched off causing fights. The head will also be cooler during the concert if it is left bare.
  2. T-shirts are great for gigs. T-shirts are comfortable and very appropriate for gigs of all kinds. Even though you may be tempted to dress up excessively, wearing a T-shirt will be cooler and allow for more movement when the crowd gets active.
  3. Shorts are not recommended. There are many ways to become injured while wearing shorts during a gig. Cigarettes can be dropped by other fans, burning your legs. Also, people tend to jump and kick and your legs could be seriously injured.
  4. Boots are the best choice in footwear. You should never wear open toed shoes to gigs. This is a certain way of getting your fetter injured during excessive activity. Wearing boots provides a thick layer between your feet and possible injury.

As well as these tips for how to dress for gigs, it is also wise to minimize jewelry also. Basically, anything which might cause accidents should be left at home. Dressing for gigs should be simple. Focus should be put on having fun.

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