What To Wear For Golf

What to Wear to Play Golf depends on the golf course you are playing and your personal style. Some golf courses are more casual, while others expect the golfer to adorn all the proper golfing attire. There are many ways to express your own personal golfing style, provides you follow the dress code of the course.

  1. Golf Shoes.  You cannot expect to play golf and just wear tennis shoes; you'll need to have proper golf shoes.  However, don't think you can wear just about any old golf shoes that may contain metal spikes. Golf shoes with metal spikes have been known to tear up the greens and turf; thus, they are no longer allowed on most golf courses.  The newer types of golf shoes have a rough bottom or "soft spikes" that help with the golfer's stability, but won't damage the turf like metal spikes can.
  2. Collared Shirts. Most golf courses require collared shirts.  Now there are a few golf courses that allow no-collared shirts, but they are few and far between.  It is a safer bet to wear a collared shirt. However, if you really want to wear a t-shirt, then call the golf course in advance to make sure that a t-shirt is allowed to play golf at that particular course.
  3. Golf Glove. Wearing a golf glove is not required at golf courses, but it is recommended. However, there is even professional players such as Fred Couples and Lee Janzen that don't wear a golf glove. That said, a glove glove can provide a more secure grip, especially for golfers that tend to have sweaty hands.  A golf glove also helps to prevent blisters. The golf glove is worn on the left hand for right-handed players and the right hand for left-handed players.
  4. Visor or Golf Hat.  Either a golf hat or visor should be worn to play golf.  This helps to see the ball, turf and greens better in sunlight.  The brim should be faced forward.
  5. Golf pants or golf shorts.  You need to follow the requirements of the course.  Although many golf courses allow golfers to wear golf shorts, the more expensive courses may require golfers to wear long pants.
  6. Waterproof attire.  If the forecast calls for rain, make sure to bring a waterproof jacket along with a golf umbrella.
  7. Sunscreen.  Spending five hours in the blazing sun playing 18 holes of golf can give you a nasty sunburn on your face, neck, arms and legs. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen.
Keep in mind that you can display your own personal style with your what you wear to play golf, provided you meet the course dress code requirements.  Some golfers like the eccentric and old-fashioned plaid pants clashing colors look, while other golfers like the clean cut, modern look.  Either way, the most important thing is to have fun when you play golf.
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