What To Wear With Green Plaid Shorts

You may want to know what to wear with green plaid shorts if you have trouble understanding which clothing choices match each other. A pair of green plaid shorts most likely has other colors involved in the pattern. These colors give you a wider variety of choices available to wear with your green plaid shorts.

  1. Green. The obvious first choice of color to wear with green plaid shorts is green. A solid green polo shirt or T-shirt is always a good bet. If you need to buy a green shirt to match your green plaid shorts, take your shorts with you to match the green color.
  2. White. White is another great choice to match green plaid shorts. Most people will avoid white because it gets dirty easily. Others do not like white because they feel it is a safe choice and would like to choose something a little bolder to go with their plaid shorts.
  3. Black. Black is a universal choice that goes with almost everything, including green plaid shorts. Black will not get as dirty as white but will show dust or other light-colored dirt.
  4. Brown. It is possible that there is a brown shade in your green plaid shorts or that a brown shirt will complement the shorts nicely. The shade of brown will depend on the shade of green that is in the plaid shorts.
  5. Yellow. There is often a yellow color somewhere in green plaid. A yellow shirt can be worn to pull out the yellow from the plaid pattern of your shorts.
  6. Blue. Depending on the shade of green in your plaid shorts, there may be shades of blue. Match a blue shirt to the blue in the shorts and you should have a perfect match.
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