What To Wear With Green Shoes

To have that perfect outfit, you need to decide what to wear with green shoes. Shoes of all styles and colors seem to be very popular now. You should always make sure you wear the right outfit to go with your shoes. Shoes really do complete the outfit. Here are some things to complete your outfit when you decide to wear green shoes.

  1. Wear a green shirt. If you don't have a shirt that is all green, then wear a shirt that has the same color green as your shoes. You always want to make sure the green from your shoes matches the green in your shirt. By matching the shirt and shoes, it puts an emphasis on green and makes both items stand out, making the outfit more complete.
  2. Wear jeans or khakis. Green really is one of those colors that goes with a lot. Jeans and khakis will probably be your best bet. They are a solid color and go with a lot. They also have a more casual feel with them, as green shoes should be worn casually.
  3. Never wear a printed pant with green shoes. Stay away from pants with stripes, patterns, or plaid. They will not go well with green shoes and it will be too overbearing.
  4. Make sure you can see the green shoes. If you have green shoes on, they need to be seen. Don't wear your pant legs so long that they cover your green shoes completely. You can do a lot with your outfit when deciding what to wear with green shoes, just make it fun.
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