What To Wear With Grey

Because it’s a neutral color, it isn’t difficult to figure out what to wear with gray. It goes with almost every color, including other neutrals. Look for a wide range of gray pieces to add variety to your arsenal of neutrals that will stretch any wardrobe. The color gray is always a style staple, regardless of the season.

  1. Wear gray pants with a jewel-tone top. Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue and citron yellow add a needed pop of color to gray trousers.
  2. A gray shirt looks great with any neutral color pair of trousers. Black pants and a gray button-down shirt will give you an air of sophistication. White pants with a gray T-shirt provide a casual elegance to get you noticed.
  3. A monochromatic outfit in all gray can be slenderizing. Wear dark gray pants with a light gray T-shirt, collared knit shirt or dress shirt for a refined look. Add something with color, such as a burgundy tie to get noticed.
  4. Any article of clothing looks nice with denim. Whether you choose denim jeans and a gray shirt or gray cords and a denim jacket, you’ll look like you were dressed by a professional stylist.
  5. Charcoal and dark gray pants look good with a variety of colors. Try pairing them with dark chocolate brown, emerald green, sky blue, bright pink or a rosy taupe.
  6. Medium steel gray is a great neutral for your go-to trousers. Wear them with teal, lavender or very light beige.

Remember that what to wear with gray is all about how comfortable you feel in color. If you like to stand out, you’ll accent heavily with bold, bright hues. Or if you like a more subtle look, wear gray with other neutrals.

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