What To Wear With A Hat

What to wear with a hat depends upon the type of hat you own. There are many varieties and many styles that will accommodate a hat fashionably. Consider the following guidelines when deciding what to pair with your hat of choice.

  1. Baseball caps should be worn with casual attire. T-shirts with a long sleeved thermal underneath and a stylish pair of well fitting jeans call for a ball cap. You can also wear a hat like this with most any athletic wear. This usually serves a dual purpose of keeping sweaty hair under control and advertising your favourite team.
  2. Newsboys are fashionable choices for a man who likes to wear retro clothing. Vests and pea coats work well with a newsboy cap, but with so many fabric choices available a newsboy could also go with a leather jacket, or even a suit.
  3. Fedoras are for the fashion forward. Hats like these should fit perfectly and be kept impeccably clean. Wear a hat with simple dressy casual clothing.
  4. Cowboy hats are not only for western, country dressers. Although a nice cowboy hat will look appropriate when wearing a button down with a bolo tie and cowboy boots. It can also work when wearing just jeans and a button down. Athletic shoes generally look out of place when you have a cowboy hat on your head, wear a hat that suits your outfit. Choose dress shoes or the aforementioned boots.
  5. Beanies are a must have in the winter. Simple ski caps, minus the pom poms and tassles, can be paired with a ski jacket. They are also good for just throwing on with any outfit when it is cold. A plain beanie is good to stash in your glove compartment just in case. Wear a hat for function not only fashion.
  6. Russian hats with all that fur and ear flaps really only work with a nice coat and a boots. Wear a hat like this in the dead of winter when everyone is dressing to protect themselves from the harsh elements, not when half your neighbourhood is only wearing sweatshirts.
  7. When blowing out your candles, go ahead and put that birthday hat on your friends are pushing at you. Be a good sport. This is one time a year when whatever you are wearing at the time will be fine to wear with a hat, albeit a silly, pointed one.
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